About Us

Ceniks LLC is a premium internet services provider located in Janesville, WI, USA. From our VPS offerings to the best application hosting available on the market today, we have the solutions to further your organizations web presence. Ceniks LLC is a truly unique hosting provider, offering hosting services for small, medium and large businesses. We focus on creating reliable solutions which are both cost-effective yet include lightning fast performance. We invite you select Ceniks LLC to see just how hard we work to make hosting easy, secure and reliable.

Our History

Ceniks LLC, was founded in 2012 by seasoned information technology professionals in order to serve the IT needs of the Janesville area and beyond. From the beginning, the goal of Ceniks LLC was to use their technical skills to help build take ideas and make them a reality.

Jason James

Systems administrator, with more than 12 years of real world professional experience. The journey has taken him from basic help desk to security and linux administration for large enterprise. Jason's expertise is in server technology, information security, network design, and integration. Jason currently holds a degree in Information Security and certifications in Cisco, and Apple.